Results of the Massachusetts Clean Energy Survey fielded by Global Strategy Group

May 12, 2022
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In May 2022, over 600 registered Massachusetts voters participated in a new survey. This survey showed Massachusetts voters remain concerned about climate change and optimistic about renewable energy. 

  • This survey was conducted in May 2022 by Global Strategies Group.
  • Consistent with our findings from previous polls, Massachusetts voters remain concerned about climate change. Since the 2020 poll, there was a 5% decrease in the number of voters who were unsure if climate change was a problem or thought it was not a problem.
  • As we observed in our Connecticut poll, Massachusetts voters of color also support the renewable energy transition at a higher rate than the general population. These findings reemphasize the importance of centering communities of color and their perspectives in regional energy transition dialogues and policymaking.
  • Two-thirds of voters (68%) believe that a transition to renewable energy is realistic, an increase of more than 10 points since the 2020 poll.
  • Solar and wind are extremely popular, and voters overwhelming want to see more solar and wind in the electricity mix.  A majority of voters (53%)also consider renewable energy to be either more reliable or as reliable as fossil fuels like natural gas.
  • Voters have limited awareness of key actors in energy regulations and the power the influence they have over the clean energy transition. Only 8% of voters surveyed have heard of ISO-New England and even fewer could correctly identify their role in energy regulation.